The Daily Dose Online Training

The Daily Dose™ provides members online access to neurofitness training videos led by experts in Parkinson’s Disease. New videos are available weekly to give you the exercise you need, wherever you are.  Sign up for your 30 Day Free Trial today! After that, the cost is just $29/month to get the exercise you need in the comfort of your own home.

Fight the Disease, Help Find a Cure.

In support of finding a cure, we have pledged to give away 10% of our monthly proceeds to Team Fox.

A.M.P. Neurofitness Training

A.M.P. (Amplitude + Mental Agility + Power) combines the best methods of PD training to give you the best results including PWR!, boxing, yoga, cognitive training and more. We offer A.M.P. classes in group and private formats with multi-session packages available.

We integrate a variety of the best-researched exercise methods for Parkinson’s into each class to give you a comprehensive, fun and intensive hour of neurofitness training. It is cross-training for the mind and body.

PT for PD

Physical Therapy is available for those looking to get instruction for specific impairments related to Parkinson’s that may include:

  • balance and falls
  • gait or walking impairments
  • freezing or shuffling
  • decreased flexibility
  • difficulty standing from a chair
  • difficulty moving around in bed or getting out of bed

We also provide LSVT BIG training for those interested.